Tips advise on Motorhome Hire in France

Q. How can I figure out the total cost of renting a motorhome in France or Europe?

A. The easiest way is to use the Quotation and Booking engine that located on every page. Simply choose a country and the location of pick up and drop off, add dates and the berth size required. If you do not get a quotation, please read the error message, as it will explain why you are not getting a quotation. Some example reasons include minimum rental periods eg 7 days minimum rental, or no service on a Sunday.


Q. I will require bedding and chairs, are these available?

A. As you proceed through the booking process you will be asked to add from a list of extras that are available for hire.


Q. Where can I pick up and drop off the vehicle?

A. If you have a look at our Quotation and Booking engine, there is a list of pick up locations on the drop down menu. In most cases you
will have to get a taxi to the Motorhome depot as they are normally located outside the city centre.
Some companies offer a transfer service from an airport or railway station. If this is the case, the transfer fee will be included in your quotation, and there will be a note explaining this on the quotation. There are no deliveries of Motorhomes to airports or railway stations.

You can pick up a Motorhome rental in the following locations subject to availability.

Locations Available


Aix en Provence
Aix en Provence – TGV Station
Ajaccio – Corsica
Angers – Great for Grand Prix of Endurance!
Le Mans – 24 Hour Race
Lyon – Airport (St Exupery)
Lyon – Downtown Hotels
Lyon – TGV/Train Station
Marseille – Downtown Hotels
Marseille – TGV/Train Station
Marseille Provence Airport
Montpellier Airport
Nantes Atlantique Airport
Nice – Downtown Hotels
Nice Airport
Nice Train Station
Paris Beauvais Airport
Paris Charles Du Gaulle Airport
Paris Downtown Hotels
Paris Euro Disneyland
Paris EUROSTAR (G. du Nord)
Paris Orly Airport
Paris South
Paris West
Tour de France 
Tours – Great for Le Mans 24 hour race!


JULY and AUGUST – No Returns on Saturdays
or Sundays! However, you can pickup on Saturday Mornings!


Q. Can I get information about the Depots?

A. We will give you the depot address and collection details in your confirmation. As we have several different suppliers servicing some locations we may have to try several for availability.


Q. What happens when I pick up the motorhome?

A. You will be given an introduction course on how to use the Motorhome e.g. how to empty the toilet cassette, how to start up the water heater etc. At this stage it is vitally important that you inspect the vehicle and sign off on any visible damage and/or marks to avoid any damage charges when you return it.


Q. What happens when I drop off the motorhome?

A. The vehicle will be inspected for any damage and the supplier will help you to arrange a taxi to your required location. Please allow at least an hour or two to complete this service especially if you have early flights in the morning.


Q. Is it possible to pick up a Motorhome in one city and drop it off in another?

A. Yes this is possible in some limited locations in France. Primarily from Paris to Nice, Montpellier, Lyon, Marseille and Toulouse and vise versa; there is, of course, an extra charge which is already built into your quotation. The best way to find out about one way trips is to use our booking engine simple highlight your pick up location and our software will then show you where you are allowed to drop back the vehicle.


Q. What time can I pick up and drop off my vehicle?

A. The depot opening and closing times are built into our booking engine. Simply get a quotation and you will see where the times are listed. If you have chosen times that are not available you will see a notice, along with drop down menus with depot pick up and drop back times listed.
If you are arriving late at night, we strongly suggest that you check in to an hotel, as most supplier depots are only open 0900hrs to 1700 hrs in France. Additionally, no depots are open on a Sunday.


Q. Is there a minimum / maximum age to drive a motorhome?

A. This requirement varies from supplier to supplier. In some case the minimum age is 20 years of age; for full details please check the terms and conditions when you get a quotation.


Q. What type of driving license is required?

A. A normal national license a class B license which allowed you to drive a normal automobile will suffice.


Q.How many seat-belts are in the motorhome?

A. There will be enough seat-belts to accommodate the amount of people travelling e.g.. if it is a four berth Motorhome there will be four seat-belts.


Q. Can a child seat be fitted?

A. Yes it can be fitted to the dinette seat in the middle of the vehicle.


Q. Can I travel to other counties?

A. Yes you can travel to all EU countries including Switzerland. Please note, however, that you may require prior approval to travel to some East European countries.


Q. Is insurance included in my quotation.

A. Yes it is. In addition, please note that there are some excess inclusions where you are liable for the first Euro 1000 or more of damage. For more information, please consult the terms and conditions as this varies from supplier to supplier.


Q .What kind of power supply does a motorhome have?

A.The refrigerator, heater, water heater, stove and range operate on propane gas. The dash air conditioner is powered by the engine while driving and other items by an outside 230V power supply.


Q. Where can I find Campgrounds in France.

A. There are approximately 3,000 campgrounds in the France. Sites can be found outside major cities, in rural areas, and near popular attractions.

For more information, you should visit or

It’s also possible to stay in service areas (sanitation’s) or


Q. How much can I expect to pay per night for a campsite?

A. Campground rates vary based upon time of year, facilities, and location. Based upon these criteria you can expect to pay between 15 € and 40 € per night.


Q. Is it possible to camp in the wild?

A.Yes. However we do not recommend it for security reasons.